I did my first 5K on April 24, 2010. That morning I got the call that my father had died. I was not in good shape with the news even though it was a blessing.  I am 400 miles from my family and I asked if my mom wanted me to come home.  No, it was ok, she had my siblings.  But meanwhile I had no one.  I told the kids Grampa finally passed away but my husband was no where to be found.  I needed to get out, away from this house, so I drove to the city where this 5K was going on, signed up and did it, in the rain, tears flowing down my face.  I didn't even know if I could do it.  I came in last (only because the guy trailing me jogged the last couple hundred feet, I didn't care.)

Average time was 31:27.  My time was 51:54 with an average pace of 16:42.  Can we say t-u-r-t-l-e?  Of course I walked it but still.  I was happy it was under an hour though!

So that is my first 5K.  I did another but it was just for fun and a t-shirt, not timed.  I ended up walking with an 80 yr. old woman who did so good!  I could have gone faster but she and I talked the whole way and she thanked me for walking with her.

I recently got information for the next timed walk and I would like to do it again.  It is April 23rd this year.  I would like to do it again.  Maybe do better this time but not if I don't get out there and do something now.