Thursday, March 31, 2011

Running Clinic

The place I take my belly dance class at is having an all day running clinic on Saturday.  It says any experience welcome.  I don't run, yet.  But I think it would be interesting to learn about stretches, training schedule, nutrition, foot/shoe evaluation etc.  A person could take one subject or all three.  So I am thinking about going.  I will ask about it at bellydance tomorrow and see if I would stick out like a sore thumb or not.

Got my latest track club news.  There is a 2 mile walk in the next town over mid April.  I think I'll sign up.  There is another one held by the club on April 9. It is a two mile or six mile walk/run.  I'd do the two there too since I need to get in better shape.

More calves are hitting the ground.  Now if only spring would show up!!!


The trip and wedding went well, we had a lot of fun. Above is a photo of the couple (my brother and Kari) and my family.  I'm the fat one.  Always the one who looks like a behemoth.  Even my hands look huge.  Ugh. 

Despite it all I still lost .4 which is the size of a New York bagel I was told.  I have no idea what a NY bagel looks like so means little to me :).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Foot Talk and Clothes Hunt

I see I didn't mention the talk I went to.  Mostly old people there, couple of older runners.  Must have been advertised beyond just the ITC.  Anyway, it was interesting.  I asked my questions and was basically told I wear my shoes too long and to go see a Dr. about my arch pain.  Well, that isn't happening right now as we are one of the millions that are insurance free so I will just have to figure it out for myself.  I probably do overwear my shoes though.  I think we all do.

I don't know if it was worth the trip over there though.  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Saturday I went to a model horse show run by the 4H. After I went looking for clothes for my brother's wedding.  I have given up on that.  The one store that has decent plus size was closing and down to three racks.  I went to the mall and looked but nothing tripped my trigger. Well, a few things in the normal size did but they would never do for me.  So I guess it will be the same old same old, if I can find it.

You see, my house has been gutted for over a year and everything I own is piled in the back room.  I never expected it to go on this long or I would have done a better job of arranging things.  But I was told to hurry up, now is the time as husband is thowing things into the trash rather than boxing it or putting it upstairs.  So I just piled it all in the back room (which is the size of a walk-in closet) and shut the door.  I can't hardly open the door now because it is so full and some fell forward.  All my clothes are in there as are my art supplies, a lot of dishes etc.  I have been living with no table to sit at, no furniture to sit on in the living room besides husband's chair.  We don't even have electricity in that half the house (living room, both bedrooms), the wall plaster is gone and in its place is yellow insulation bats.  And here it sits...over a year now.  It is depressing!  But I haven't the money to hire someone to finish it so I have to wait on someone who is perfectly content with the way it is.  He has his chair, his newspapers or sits on the stairs to read when it gets dark.  Me, I have the bed.  I live on the bed.  It is DEPRESSING!!!  And if I say anything...

Stress=Jelly Beans

I looked at meeting, down two pounds!  Then I put on my glasses, oops, that is POINT TWO.  Oh well.  Better than a gain I guess.  I used to think the point whatever was kind of a non-number but when I am losing weight by the point number it is important.  Better than "you stayed the same" I guess.

So yah, down 12# now.  I don't feel it. Certainly don't look it.  So I hope it is true.  I am having a hard time with it right now. Stress at home is escalating with husband being a crab, cussing at me about things no one has control over.  My sister is griping about my brother's "sudden" decision to get married. She needs time to plan.  Plan what?  I am sorry but just go with it and have fun.  What is it with people?  Does no one know how to have fun anymore???  And now the weather is back in the dumps with this sleet/snow storm and high winds so I can't even get away from my husband.  I am just all too tired of it all.  Everything seems like a struggle.

I ate a small bag of jelly beans last night after meeting.  I just didn't care.  They didn't even taste good.  They were to go to a swap person I have from my forum but instead I ate them.  Blech. I am back in that funk where I don't want to be home.  Why, to be around Mr. Cuss Mouth? 

I called my Mom. She is sounding better than she ever has since my Dad's passing 11 months ago. She told me she and he had a rough patch like I am having and that you eventually get over it and resettle into a new relationship. Well, at this point I don't feel like I have a relationship.  I feel like I live with a roomate who wants a mommy AND to be the boss and not have to think of anyone but himself.  I just feel safest gone or hiding out in the bedroom staying out of his way.  What I think or feel is not important and I don't even waste my breath trying to explain it anymore.  Why?  To be ignored or cussed at?  What kind of love is that?

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I swear I heard a Robin but I haven't seen it.

Got my hour of fighting snow in while walking more fence.  I took the snowshoes along though and that made a world of difference!  Had to dig a whole bottom line out of the snow that was plowed on top of it. A ceramic fence insulator is broken off a post so I'll have to get another and replace it.  Meanwhile I wound the line up onto the line above it for now to keep it off the ground.  I've got 2.2k volts on the line now which is better than the .06 I was getting.  It is a start.  What I need is my fencer back from husband which is large enough to handle the amount of line I have.  I was sick of loose cows though and since he didn't want to be bothered with the fence I put my high powered one on so even if the wires are draining somewhere there is till 5-6k on the line to keep those boneheads in.  But with spring on its way he is going to have to get his own so I can have mine back.

Well, now it is blowing rain, looks like sheets of rain which is kicking up a ground fog.  Ugh.  Do I want to drive an hour in the dark in a fog?????  ARGH!!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Will I see a Robin today?  Perhaps. Usually I do by today.  Rumors are they are south of us but none here yet that I have seen.  Maybe today.  It is to be nearly 50!

I skipped meeting this week.  I had been in town earlier but it is so small there is no place to wile away three hour before the meeting unless one wants to eat.  And I just couldn't justify driving the half hour back for meeting.  So no official weigh-in this week.

I have been very off too.  It is like I just can't get with the program.  I don't know if it is the weather, working the one day (and having two other post offices calling me this week to cover for them), my body being beat from the Shuffle, the calf problems (more on that in a minute), time change or what.  I am just totally out of it!  After a month of being focused and feeling good about it I just am in a slump.

The bathtub calf is still alive.  She is back on her mother but I checked on her and I think her mother is dry (no milk).  She's always been a good cow so why no milk is beyond me.  So husband (they are his project) is bottle feeding it and  we are watching and hoping all the working over that calf is giving her mom that milk will come in.  Cows are born trying to die.  It is frustrating.

Anyway, she was in the bathtub because it was frigid outside the day she was born and she wasn't regulating her own temperature.  Husband thought her last year's calf (he didn't get her weaned and learn) sucked Connie (mama) dry of the colostrum so we also had to find, buy and feed the calf colostrum.  It made for a really long Sunday for me, LOL as I was the one driving all over creation to get the colostrum.  Anyway, calf looks good, is up and working up though she still looks like a newborn.  She has a sibling born a few hour later with no issues and that one looks older already.

Here are some pix...

Bathtub calf.  Good thing I scrubbed all that tile!

Bathtub calf working it.  Too bad mama ain't cooperating!

Second 2011 calf, doing it right.
My exercise yesterday was walking a section of fence several times in knee deep snow.  Nope, not smart enough to take the snowshoes figuring really, what could possibly be wrong with the fence?  Well, how about broken wires from deer, broken fence insulators, lines buried under 3' of snow and ice?  1 1/2 hour later I was roasting to death, legs soaked and hurting despite knee high boots I still haven't found where it is shorting out.  And every day it is warm is a day everyone gets a lot more frisky and stupid.  So it needs to be done NOW!

Ok, so big plans for working on ME today is tonight there is a track club program being put on at the Borders book store at 7pm.  7pm is really late for me because I have the hour drive back then BUT it is on foot and ankle injuries and preventing them.  Then the speaker, a podiatrist, will evaluate our feet!  Yes!  I am kicking myself for spring cleaning two weeks ago as I threw out all my old shoes and really, they would have been good to see a wear pattern.  I never throw anything out.  You know how it goes.  Anywho, my feet feel back to normal but for a dull ache where I have been having issues.  I am glad for that because it will be easier to point it out.  So I do need to scrub my tooties before I go...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Change in Breakfast and Upcoming Foot Eval.

Husband made oatmeal this morning.

Could have knocked me over with a feather.  Just oatmeal in a bowl with water microwaved and way too much of it but sure was a change from his usual bunch of eggs, cheese, sausage, ham and toast.

I informed him he needs to eat a little protein too to help it stick.

Today I want to try and find steel cut oats and make the crockpot recipe I saw on WW.  It claims to make 8 or 9 servings and claims to reheat nicely.  Sounds good to me and husband will get a better breakfast than his usual handful of striped shortbread cookies.

I am so glad I joined the ITC.  This Thursday they are having a podiatrist come in to explain foot injuries at the Borders.  Then afterward he will evaluate feet!  I need that as my one foot always aches under the ball and down into the arch when I walk.  Yes, part is weight but at the first 5K I wore two pair socks and they were fairly snug to support it.  Worked good for the most part except a couple times my feet felt like they were numb.  Too much.  Yesterday I didn't and it hurt.  So I need a foot eval, shoe recommendation and see if perhaps taping will help.  Here is hoping for good weather at 7pm as it is an hour drive there and home.

I may even paint my toenails (after I scrub the nastiness off my feet.  Shave at least my ankles too, LOL. A bit hard with a calf in your tub.)

Sleepless Night

Was it the pain from yesterday that kept me up all night?  Heck no.  So why didn't I sleep?  Because  I had a calf in my bathtub which is right on the other side of the bedroom wall.  Yes, you read right, a CALF (as in cow) in my newly scrubbed tub.

Husband wasn't ready for calves and yesterday it was just downright nasty and this baby got chilled so in he came.  Husband can sleep through a hurricane so it was my job to poke him when he needed to get up and take care of it.  The cattle are his project and he's let me know more than once my experience and help is not wanted until he asks for it so I stay out of it.  Fine with me, I am not a big fan of cattle anyway. They are a lot of work and born trying to die so he can have them.  I get more than my fair share repairing my fences they tear down anyway.

"Tuffy" got hauled back out to mama today and lo and behold, there is another one out there.  14 to go.  Have a party.

I have to thank my favorite homeopathic pain and stiffness remedy for taking care of the aches and pains of yesterday.  I highly recommend a product called Arniflora Arnica Gel. Excellent stuff and doesn't smell.

Now I have to go scrub calf poo out of my shower...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shamrock Shuffle

Gads I am feeling kinda' lousy.  Not sick but my period is "readjusting" herself again and I am 8 days late and feeling it!  I am teetering on the precipice called "50" and so all that BS too.  Other than crazy manic anxiety ridden angry psycho I'm going to drive away and never look back, maybe if I turn the wheel a little to the right I'll go off that bridge, so far the transitioning hasn't been all that bad.  You know, the dreaded hot flashes which you'd think was the only symptom?  And irregularity?  Not here.  I never ever had any of these issues.  No, just the other you don't hear about except when the word "hysterical" comes up.

I never lived by the rules, why start now?

Anyway, today is the Shamrock Shuffle and if I am going to go I need to get my bootie moving.  We had freezing rain and snow last night and now we add to that 27 degrees and 30mph winds.  I am hesitating.  The majority of it is along the river which will be nice and perhaps protected.

Husband made his usual Saturday morning fare so I said let's sit down and break this down.  We did and it came out to 16 points for me.  That leaves me with 22 for the rest of the day.  His solution is to use real cheese rather than process, LOL.  I said well for me leave the cheese and butter and hashbrown out and then I have more to work with.  He claims he'd starve.  I said no, you can still eat all the fruit and veggies you can STAND!  You would not starve.  I am not starving unless I am emotionally starved.  Or PMSing which I am getting an extra special dose of this month!  Yay!

Click to see runners going over the bridge!  Eau Claire, WI Shamrock Shuffle.
Later.  Ok, you can see I went.  I asked myself if I was making excuses and decided I was so I went.  Turns out it is 3.5 miles, not a true 5K.  Doesn't seem like much more but I would have been fine at 5K.  I got a blister on my foot, ugh, but I will survive.  That last bit was a bit too much for me though.  I need to get out more if I am going to do these things.  Anyway, I wasn't the last in (though it wasn't a timed event for walkers they did have a clock out) for the first time ever.  My time was 1 hour 13 minutes.  I forced myself to slow down at the end as it was uphill and I had my heart monitor on and it was pretty up there for most the time.  I am surprised I did it though. 

They didn't have XL shirts but did have a L so I took it.  It is tight but I will get into it, LOL.  Not restrictive tight but too tight to just wear around. 

So yay, I did it!  See how I feel tomorrow!

Belly dance class last night was a lot of fun.  We are learning a new routine which includes a lot of lotus pose (which is like a sumo wrestler's starting pose and incorporating arms which I like.  It is SO HARD but I feel very good when I come out.  I wish the room was better, better lit, better ventilated, not so dark, wider rather than just long and MIRRORS!  Mirrors make a huge difference!  But I am happy to report that I still have it when it comes to neck and rib slides, LOL.

I didn't look at clothes today.  My feet said eh, another day.  Instead I went to Borders and got three books, Complete Book of Women's Running and No Need for Speed, A Beginners Guide to the Joy of Running (a bit humorous which is what I love) and to round it out, Culinaria Germany, LOL.It was ten dollars and is huge and full of photos. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


WW points=1

One serving=4 Peeps=4 points

Two servings=8 Peeps=7 points

If I eat enough of them could I get it down to zero points??

Boob Voyage, a FB Event

Join me on March 12 for "Boob Voyage"!  Here is the description...

Join us in saying Boob Voyage to our good friend Michele's boobs by burning a bra on Saturday, March 12 at noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern. We will also be paying tribute to the boobs that have gone before us. Don't forget to take a picture and post to commemorate the event. Please add the names of those you are burning bras for. Cancer Sucks! Boob Voyage Cancer!
I don't know how to link to the event but I am sure you can find it by searching events. I hope so anyway. 
Join me!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Search is On

For something to wear to the wedding that is. There is no dress code but I would like to look nicer than just jeans and tshirt which is my usual uniform around here.  I tried on some dresses I bought at a yard sale but they are a bit too fancy (really need to take them to the resale shop!), not my color and OMG my hips on down...look like they belong to someone else. 

I do have a denim print skirt which would do ok.  I wish I could find my solid denim one, I'd add some applique to it to dress it up.  I don't have a top to go with the printed skirt.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to find something that goes with it.  I am a bit of a hippie, like the peasant/boho stuff but it just ain't cute on me, LOL.

Not yet anyway :).

Ok, onto better things.  I lost 2.6# this past week. Good.  I don't look down almost 11#.  Another week and I'll measure.  I found out yesterday that WW gives out a charm for doing a 5K!  So I let her know I did the Chilly Chippewa. It is a nice charm.  I put mine on a chain to wear.  I am pretty proud of it.  I wonder if a person only gets one or one for every 5K?  I may find out next Tues. as I am pretty sure, barring bad weather, I'll be doing the Shamrock Shuffle this Saturday.  It is an untimed fun walk/run along the river which I bet is pretty.  So that is my plan for now.

Then since I'll be in the city I may go try clothes on.  Just to see.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Das Bierhaus

We arrived a little early so took a quick tour of the Mabel Tainter Theater and then over to the food co-op where I got a pint of organic milk (grew up on fresh from the cow milk so this is an experiment to see if I still like it), some falafel mix and a dried shredded looking pea soup in the bulk section.  I love pea soup so we'll see how this is.  Good health food stores are so few around us.  I mean this one is 1.5 hours away but it is a nice one and if I am ever in Eau Claire I wouldn't hesitate to make the extra miles to go to this place.  That is one thing I love about college towns!

Anyway, so we made it to the restaurant and it was so worth it! It is just a little place but the food is so good!  They even had live accordian music playing polkas.  I tried the three sausage plate with red cabbage, saurkraut and spaetzel.  It started out with beercheese soup.  Very very good and I have plenty for supper tomorrow!  I ate about half.

Me and my platter

The guys (our youngest son came along too) had the ham loaf with an egg on it, red cabbage and I am not sure what else.  Oh, mashed potatoes.  Here is my hubby diving into his plate. It always kills me when he says he's never had this or that german food.  I mean, he's 100%, what in hell did his mother feed him beside grape jelly sandwiches and tomato soup casseroles?  Could it be he's never had red cabbage before???  He claims not.

What surprises me is he sausages were not the least fatty nor salty like our food is.  Not overly sweet either.  My  penpal made me tiny sugar cookies one Christmas and they were so good but not super sickning sweet like our stuff is!  What is wrong with our food?  Even that ham loaf my guys had was not salty!

Time too look into that a bit more.

Clementines and Dress Dilemma

I couldn't resist the sale on them again. And these are twice as sweet as the last box! OMG, so yummy!!! I must thank my co-worker Roxie for turning me onto these! I never had one before and gosh, why not?

Today is the day! Das Bier Haus! To say I am excited is an understatement! I hauled out some older jeans I haven't worn in a good year (fancier type, says makes one look thinner...yah, whatever) and my zebra print top I got on clearance at, of all places, Farm and Fleet. I have never worn it. I wish I had a bright colored necklace to go with it but alas, I never was a girly girl so am lacking any sort of sophistication.

My brother replied to my email about a dress code for his wedding. He says there isn't any so my husband doesn't need to pull out his best like he did for our Dad's funeral. Backstory on that. I went home with my sister a day early so hubby was on his own to come up for the day. My mom said don't dress up (it was a memorial service as he had died 4 months earlier) so I told hubby to just be neat and clean. He said he'd even trim his beard.

Well, what showed up made me mortified! Stained jeans, face still a foot long with a beard and to top it off, a HOLEY shirt! I just couldn't believe it. I poked my finger through the hole on his belly and said "geez, couldn't do any better than this?" It still upsets me to think about it. It's like he fell of the turnip truck at the cemetary entrance, rothflmfao!

Anyway, the point is this. I think I am going to try and find a dress or a skirt and top. I am so doggone hard to fit as I have long arms and legs, wide shoulders. But I would like to look nicer than just jeans or even a pant suit which I am not a fan of.

My choices for places to go besides the obvious like Walmart, Kmart, Shopko, Penneys, Kohls where they don't think fat people want nice clothes, I also have the Fashion Bug plus and a Lane Bryant. Where would YOU go? I need to make the trip(s) count as I am an hour drive from any city with these stores. And if I found a couple things would you guys be willing to help me choose which one if I have trouble? I'd post pix and you can help me. Would be sorta' fun since I don't have any girlfriends really who have the time for this sort of thing and I don't really trust the sales people to give me an honest opinion. My biggest dilemma is my belly. It seems to show in everything :(.

Oh, and BTW, scrubbing bathroom does give you activity points! Yay!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


I spent an hour scrubbing grout. That has to count for something. We have iron in our water and if not tended to on a regular basis this is the result. I bought a new daily shower spray and a grout sealer so once it is clean hopefully I can spare myself this drudgery somewhat.

I got my first ITC newsletter. Awesome!

I am making the taco type things that came with the monthly card. I don't know if I will like them or not. I am not a spicy food person, too many stomach aches from it and the packaged taco seasonings. This one has my own spices so hopefully it'll be ok. If not the dogs and cats can have it. Husband still has beef stew in the fridge. I doubt he'll finish that either. Two meals and the self-proclaimed "garbage hound" is done.

I am saving all my weekly remaining points so I don't have to think about it too much tomorrow. YAY!

My Whimsical Hearts

You MUST check this woman out if you are on WW! She makes the most fantastic WW book covers you have ever seen. I ordered the double set with kitties and they are impeccable. I love the idea of the clear pocket to put the monthly card into so I can get rid of the paperclip!

And now I can leave my book out without feeling anyone is snooping because what man would pick up a cutsy kitty book?

Das Bier Haus

I have always wanted to go to Das Bier Haus and so when I got my German Club newsletter (I am not German but hubby is and I have a penpal in Germany whom I love like a sister) and they said there is an outing to it with food and entertainment I thought oh yay!

So I did the unthinkable. I asked hubby if he wanted to go. This was three or four weeks ago. Yah he says.

So today I said I need to call and let them know, do you want to go? Well, I get "What is it?", "Where is it?", "Don't they have anything closer?", (it is a 1.5 hour drive), "How much will it be?" I was about ready to say forget it. I mean, I can go to my friend's house 2 hours away as they are having an essential oil party and not put up with this 101 questions. This, for a man who lives to eat. Really, I am sorry I even got excited about it and conveyed that to him. I really almost would rather go alone as he looks like some wildman pulled out of the woods (he finally gets his annual hair cut next Monday...thank God before my brother gets married!) and so I find him embarrassing on top of it all. I don't know.

I told him this is why I don't include him in things. He is just NO FUN. All work, all newspaper, scrounging for food 24/7. I want to have fun! I told my co-worker who is fun (took his family on a sleigh ride, took them tubing, was going to take flowers to his elderly neighbor in a nursing home for her birthday, is planning backpacking trips through the UP. And he's older than us! I told him I have no one to do these things with besides Mr. Lumponthelog Homebody. I need a sugar daddy fun backpacking outdoor have fun can think for himself kind of guy!). OMG he is so frustrating! So I do these things on my own. When I went to Superior last weekend he's like "I've never been to Superior." Well guess what, sitting in a half empty mall during a model horse show isn't going to be any fun for you either. Plus, I WANT TO HAVE FUN!

He is such a freaking anchor around my neck...

So is it wrong to just go do stuff? I asked him, he said yah, then comes time I get the tenth degree. JUST answer YES or NO. If you don't want to go, fine.


Introducing Ganeshini!

Click to enlarge
Ok, you really don't need an introduction to her because she is me! LOL. I have been thinking on the lumbering elephant theme so I decided to Google what elephant would be in Afghan or Turkish or ?. First thing that popped up was Lord Ganesha, the elephant headed God of the Hindu's etc. So I looked to see if there is a female version and you guessed it, it is Ganeshini (or Vinayaki which I like too). So I thought there it is, my secret bellydance name! If a elephant headed man or woman can be so strong, forgiving, etc. so I can (of myself...of others).

I had been making an anklet with Indian bells on it and had found an elephant charm to add to it a couple weeks ago. So it will be official, in my own mind anyway ;).

Shhhh, don't tell anyone ;).

Friday, March 4, 2011

First Bellydance Class

I had a lot of fun. It is much easier when there are only 8 than 40. The room still is not anywhere to ideal. But it is doable. Krista reviewed all the moves we did two weeks ago and then we did the whole routine as best as we could. It is alot of work but I feel good afterward. I am going to practice this week and try and get my muscle recall back. I feel like a lumbering elephant!!

Biggest problem today was gas...the not so nice kind. Jeepers, three Beanos and two Gas X and still I am just "feeling it". I am glad I didn't have a problem in class as that room is so small and tight, I fear I'd gas us all out.

UGH!! Too much fiber??? I don't know. I hope my body adjusts because this is tiresome.


Did you know that Beano contains fish? I didn't. I was combining two bottles today and read the full label. I am not a vegetarian at this point (had been in the past for 10 years!) but I was still surprised.


MIA yesterday. Got a surprise day of work so I got distracted. Made my reduced fat cheese sandwich with and handful of spring greens and mustard, a baggie of celery and three Claussen pickle spears. Oh man, that was a really good lunch/snack while doing mail route! I couldn't believe how good it was. Maybe I finally figured out how to make "fake" cheese edible.

I got home late and hubby wanted to go out so we tried a place we had never been to in all the 16 yrs. we have lived here. It is a bar too and before the smoking ban went through I refused to eat in those type of places. But now with the ban I can now try these places out.

I got the house burger and fries and at about 3/4 of it before feeling full. And there is the kudo. I actually felt full and satisfied. Not stuffed. Not empty. Something I struggled with for years. I could plow down a huge meal, sometimes even two and it took forever to actually FEEL full.

Maybe I haven't lost it totally.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today I went "hog wild" and made the Portabella burger that is in the new WW New Complete cookbook. It wasn't too bad despite a slice of onion, LOL. I thought ew but really, it wasn't overpowering. Only issue is the mushroom was releasing a lot of liquid. Maybe I needed to cook it longer?

It was only 6 points too.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Him, Me

Him: How was WW?

Me: Fine

Him: Did you hit your goal?

Me: What goal?

Him: I don't know.

Me: I'm still fat.

Him: Are you trying for a certain amount a week?

Me: This is only my second week, let me get used to it.

Him: I'm just asking.

Me: I'm just telling.

thinks: God, help me survive the diet police.

Before tonight he had no interest in my weight whatsoever. I suppose this is his way of "supporting" me, by drilling me every week. I just want to say you haven't cared for 22 years, why suddenly now? WHY NOW? To pressure me? I am so done doing things because of you. This is for ME, not you. So just shut up!!!!

Really, it PISSES me off!!!

Point Six

I lost point six. Good thing I ate dinner after. Should have gone to the bathroom beforehand, LOL. You know,all those tricks we do to make that number go down just a bit more.

But it is down. Good thing on PMS week.

Try again...

Thank You Everyone!

First off, a huge shout out to all my weight-loss peeps! Here is a huge virtual (((hug)))!!

Tonight is weigh-in. Wish me luck :).

This past weeks challenges included eating out away from home and dealing with a food pusher/unsupportive partner. Both I had success and failure with. The biggest difference was my mindset. In the past I would have just "celebrated" and let loose on what I wanted when out on my own, which I did on the way home and that backfired on me according to my gut. So, next time I may just not let my imagination of yummy not good for me stuff be so tempting.

As for the situation at home that has been a battle for years and is not going to change so I need to adjust myself. It is getting easier for me because in the past few years, with my children now adults and not needing me so much when it comes to meals I have been adjusting and even quit cooking for awhile because it was going to waste. I now have husband semi-trained to not expect meals so now I can start cooking to fit my preferences and needs. I personally am not a big meat fan (well, except for those damn Culver butterburgers...) so now I can shut my mind off to the typical American male fare of "lump o carcass" and potatoes. After 22 years of trying to create the latest "lump o carcass" he can now make his own and I can have what I want...a nice piece of salmon, chicken breast my way, poached cod, tofu and miso with rice noodles and spring onions. Yes, still meat but not "man" meat. My husband balks at these things, refusing to eat it. Well now rather than being offended I am free to create these without guilt!

As other's in my position have stated (and I suspect we are not alone), they wished their loved ones would take care of themselves better. I do too. I am so tired of the junk food route. My body and mind are craving real food, the process of growing it, making it, eating it, sharing it. Perhaps I can lead by example.