Tuesday, April 19, 2011


First off, I am SO SICK of snow!!!  Please, turn it off!!!!

Ok, I gained another .6.  I need to get back on the stick so after today I am buckling down and tracking everything. Enough is enough.

I signed up for the Pine Line Marathon this Saturday.  This is the one I did last year the day my dad died.  So I will do it once again.  To rain, to be cold but oh well.  Last year it rained too and the rain hid my tears.

On Sunday I went to Scheels and bought some biking shorts and a really cute "Terry" brand biking top.  Unfortunately it is not cute on me.  It is a bit snug but I will get into it before biking season really starts, right?  And I am going to pretend I look cute in it too, dammit!

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  1. Chris, I hope the snow stops for you. Tracking everything will help you be on track, I started again last week. I teared all up when I read about you raising the day your Dad died....You are a strong woman. My Dad will be gone two years On May 30th...some days it just seems like yesterday. I admire you for your strength for running...I bet you are going to look darn fine in your biking gear. you go girl.