Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Time Gym Rat

Gads, I never realized how big this shirt was on me.  It was a gift to me from my penpal and it is so comfy though getting a bit ragged.  I wear it to work normally or just around the house.  I think I'd like some nicer workout clothes though.  The bottoms are new, first time wearing them.  Good enough for now but the top has got to change.  :).

And yes, this is me in a fitness center!  Did you know Snap Fitness gives new people a free week trial?  I thought what the heck, if my 70yr old mother can do it so can I.  That and in the past two weeks I gained FOUR pounds!  Enough!  No excuses. 

Today was my first day.  I never did an eliptical before, it is fun but not easy.  I read somewhere that they aren't that good of a workout.  Yah, maybe if one puts it on the easiest and only does it for an hour after two years of doing it but I think it is!  I lasted 6 minutes (my goal!) at 22 and 24.  I did the bike in the weight loss mode for 10 minutes.  I did crunches on the ball, the hip extension thing that does inner and outer thighs and the arm extension thing.  I wrote it all down, the degree, how much time, weight.  Try and keep track of it all.  I didn't want to overdo it either.  But I feel it, I do.

So far...LIKE!

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