Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still Here.

I am still alive. With the birth of my foal, sporatic (as in one nice day, six poopy ones!) spring, trying to get my garden dug up and sudden notice I need to cover two more mail routes, stat!  I have been a bit off balance.

I did decide to commit to four months at Snap Fitness.  I tried the treadmill for the first time and realized jogging on it is a lot easier than "in real life".  I suppose not having to propel my tonage forward is the reason why but heck, I'll take it!  It is a start and I can do a minute "running" on that thing with lots of walking between.

Usually the place is empty or has one or two other people there so I feel I can just tottle around and fiddle with the machines etc.  I decided I really like the crunches on the ball too.  I can do 100 of them if I push myself.  Yay!

I didn't go to WW last week.  Had my car in for service and it was done by 2 pm.  Meeting is at 5pm and there is just nothing to do for three hours in this town that doesn't require eating or shopping.  And weather wasn't nice enough to go sit in the park so I went home.  With gas at $4.00 a gallon, an hour long drive has to be considered seriously.

I get kinda' frazzled at the meetings.  Maybe they are all like this but get there at 5 and have to wait for them to set up yet.  I think they should be set up by then and ready to go if they tell you to be there at 5.  No, stand around waiting in this line like cattle to the truck.  Sometimes there are two scales going, sometimes one.  I just feel they should be ready too.

There are times we stand there and stand there and stand there.  Then go sit in the room for 20 minutes waiting.  Why get there at 5 when 5:30 gets one weighed and right into the meeting.  Or even weighed afterward.  Skip all that nerve wracking standing around.  By the time my turn comes I have to pee.

This is one complaint I have.

On a positive note, I bought a cute vinyl Hello Kitty gym bag on eBay for $8.95.  It is coming from Hong Kong but should be here within the next week or two.  Then I can just keep my shoes and entry tag etc. in it in the trunk of my car.  Sometimes I drive by and think "shoot, if I had my stuff..." :).

One of my sporatic co-workers said I am looking good!  Really???  Yay!

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